How to Host a Movie Night

It's that time of year when so many new movies are being released and every award show you can imagine is occurring. I mean did you see the Golden Globes? Oprah's speech was breathtaking. The Grammy's was phenomenal as always and after seeing the Oscar nominations, I can't wait to see who wins. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a lot of the movies that were nominated for the Oscars, but that only gives me an excuse to host a movie night in anticipation of Oscar night. So I am going to share some tips and tricks for hosting a fun and successful movie night right at home.

1. Pick a Movie: Not only pick a movie but pick a theme of movies. Pick a specific genre, such as romance, action, comedy, thriller, etc. This way your guests know what kind of movie(s) to expect. You don't want to host scary movies, and your guests are traumatized by them. For me, I want to see a few of the Oscar nominations, so I will let my guests know the movie theme will be surrounded by the Oscars.

2. Snacks: Movies are all about the snacks. Who can go to the movie theatre and resist getting popcorn and candy? I know I can't. Have light snacks readily available. Popcorn, pretzels, fresh fruit, and if you'd like, candy is a great option. As far as refreshments go, go alcoholic or non-alcoholic is completely up to you and your guests. I personally cannot drink because I am pregnant but you can easily make a mocktail to set the mood. Don't forget the fancy glasses. 

3. Make it Comfy: I don't have a lot of couch space but when it comes to watching movies at home, I don't mind sitting on the floor. Give me some comfy pillows and a blanket and I'm ready for the movie.


4. Set the Scene: Make your house look ready for a fun-filled night. Set out your snacks on display. Have the mocktails already prepared. Put out some nice placemats or tablecloth. Add some fresh flowers to the table. Set up pillows and throw blankets. Wear something comfy, and make sure your guests do the same.  Turn the lights down low and get ready to have a fun movie night!


The placemats, golden trays, and the beautiful pink cocktail glasses are all from Wayfair. Wayfair has many items you can get in preparation for movie night at home and the prices are right up my alley. 

I hope you all enjoyed these tips and tricks and enjoy hosting a movie night at home.

Any predictions on who will get an Oscar this year?

Love & Light,