10 Things I Can't Live Without

So I wanted to do a fun post of things I really enjoy. I enjoy eating. I enjoy wearing. Just things I enjoy in general and that you can probably always catch me with.

*no specific order

Makeup Remover Wipes

I am so lazy when it comes to removing my makeup, that I feel like makeup remover wipes were invented for me. Of course, I remove my makeup, but sometimes I am already in bed and the bathroom is way too far away. I can throw them in my purse, in the diaper bag keep them in the car, keep them by the bed, etc. And they are useful for more than just removing makeup!


I love to read and you will almost always find me reading some kind of book. I have always enjoyed books and to be honest, I own more than an average person should, and buy more than an average person should. BUT I’m not average so it’s okay! I will say I have ready 80% of the books on my bookshelf.


Besides reading, I love writing. There is nothing like pen and paper to write all the things. I have a notebook for literally everything in my life and I am not ashamed.

Vanilla Iced Coffees With Coconut Milk

I am absolutely addicted to these. I used to get them with cream, then soy milk, then almond milk, and now coconut milk is the perfect match! To be honest, I drink way too many of these but they are so simple and so good! I have cut back since breastfeeding so that’s a plus.


I’ve always been a jeans kind of girl. I can wear a nice pair of jeans every single day of the year and then some. I am not afraid to invest in a good pair of jeans because jeans are my go to in everything that I wear.

Over-sized Sweaters

I have been wearing over-sized sweaters since I was in elementary school. I love going to the thrift store to get sweaters that were a tad bit large or overly large or wearing my mom’s or grandmother’s sweaters. Now that over-sized sweaters are a trend, they’re more common to find and there are a ton of options. Even if this trend were to go out of style, I would still be all about it.


I love mac-n-cheese. It’s so good. No matter if it’s homemade or boxed, I am still going to eat it. I remember I went through this phase where I would eat mac-n-cheese with broccoli every single day for about two weeks straight.


I own a Sony A5100 and I love this camera. I did a lot of research on this camera before purchasing and it was my first big investment for my blog. I want to get more lens for it to continue to improve my photography. I love taking photos and this was and still is a great camera choice. I have so many photos it’s ridiculous.

Real Plants

As a little girl, I grew up gardening so plants have always been a huge part of me. I am still learning about different plants and which ones work better in different situations, different lighting, and indoors. I’ve killed a few but I love learning. Real plants are such a great decorative piece to bring into your house to really make it feel like home. It also is very therapeutic to go around your house and water all of them and to really see them thrive.


I am a long haired girl who does not like hair in my face so scrunchies are a must. I am always buying them because I am either losing them or breaking them. I used to wear them around my wrist but too many people would ask me for them.

What are some of your faves that you can’t live without?

Love & Light,