What I've Learned as a Mother

This is my fourth year celebrating Mother's day and oh how I have learned so much. I never really gave my mom much credit until years of being a mother myself.

Patient is needed all of the time. Every now and then it gets lost but should always be regained. I've learned that the more patient I am with Jordan, the faster she grasps a concept and learns a lesson. 

They are always watching you. Whether you realize it or not. Kids are very observant and they learn quickly. So watch what you say and be mindful of what you do. 

Be present. Kids love attention. They love to interact and play and they love it when it involves you. If we were to just dedicate 10 minutes a day, and gradually increase it daily, our children will thrive!  Jordan looks forward for those moments we read books together or when Johnathan and her build blocks or watch Saturday morning cartoons together. And it is nice to just be totally hands free without any technology.

Have fun! Kids just want to have fun and to laugh. In anything we do, I try to always lighten the mood where it is not too serious and stressful but more enjoyable than anything. Positivity is key. It also challenges me to have an imagination.

Love. Love your child unconditionally. It is a beautiful thing to watch Jordan grow up, learn, see, and experience so many things every single day. I love her with all of my heart and soul and I never thought there was a love like this until I had her. She is my Noelani: my beautiful girl from Heaven and I love her so.


These are pretty basic concepts and very obvious to most but the most important things of motherhood for me. Motherhood is a beautiful thing and I love every moment of it.

Here are some photos of my Mother's Day. 

Enjoy & Happy Mother's Day!