Frying Pan Farm Park

So Johnathan recently transferred jobs a few months back and it involves a lot of commuting. We live in DC and his job is a hour away in Virginia, so to save on the commuting and the stress with traffic, I looked up things to do locally near his job.

I stumbled across Frying Pan Farm Park as a part of my google search and instantly fell in love. How can you not love the name? It's a nice size farm with tons of animals and a playground, a carousel, and plenty of nature trails.

We pack a lunch and head out for the day. They have cows, pigs, chickens, goats, ducks, cats, peacocks, turkeys, and tons of buildings to tour, such as a smokehouse, and a mini farm house.

You're even allowed to bring your own horses! 

It is beautiful to see the open fields and all of the animals, and being able to let Jordan run freely is a bonus, because the girl does not like to hold hands. 

If you live locally to Herndon, I definitely recommend trying the farm out. The children will absolutely adore it. The farm offers camps and classes as well!