It's Okay to Lose Your Sh*t

No I did not lose my cool today. I did see an amazing trailer for Bad Moms that premieres July 29th and I am definitely going to go see it. And then I read a post on why being a bad mom is a good thing from and hence this post was inspired.

I always felt like going out and leaving my child with a relative to go see a movie or for a weekend getaway was a bad thing. I thought I had to spend 24/7 with my daughter or that the world was literally going to end and that I was going to be labeled as a bad mother. That's not true! It's not true at all in fact.

Being a mom is tough. Being a parent in general is tough and we all lose our cool. It's okay.

There are days when I just want to be left alone, or go out shopping without a preschooler grabbing clothes off the rack. There have been days when I just want to roll up in a ball and cry my eyes out because I feel like this parenting thing isn't working out. There are also times when I decide to give my child a banana or cereal for lunch because I am just too exhausted to make anything else. 

Those things don't make me a bad mother. It just means I lost my sh*t for the moment and I'll regain it. We always do. I just needed that moment to release some parenting struggles and then I feel better again. 

There's this pretty little picture painted of how moms are supposed to be and behave and that makes it so hard for us moms in the real world. I was watching a vlogger on youtube and she got so much crap for calling her child a terrorist. Hello! Every parent has called their child a terrorist! Because let's be honest, sometimes they can be. Jordan is a little monster and we call her a sour patch kid. First she's sour then she's sweet. It happens. 

There is no perfect image of how a mom should be and behave. We're all different and we all parent differently. We also all lose our sh*t. And that's perfectly okay. It just means we're human.



P.S. I can't wait to go see Bad Moms in theatres. I think I'll invite some other mommas out for a fun night of laughing until our hearts are content.