June Newsletter

The year is more than halfway over! Where is the time going!? It seems like every month has been a busy month for us with all the new changes happening.

We finally have a second, (keyword: second) to breathe.

We started our month off with officially getting ready for the move. We moved from DC back to Fredericksburg, Virginia. We're originally from here so we have tons of friends and family here and at the same time it all feels so foreign. We spent the last 3 years in DC living it up. We honestly didn't want to move but when God speaks, you listen, and you act upon His word. We don't know what is in store for us here but for now, we're willing to find out.

Jordan graduated kindergarten. I was so emotional the whole entire ceremony. My little girl is growing up so quickly and I am honestly not ready for it all. I just need time to give me a minute.

Of course, we went to go see Incredibles 2 opening weekend. Jordan loved it. We all did. I honestly thought it was better than the first one. Jaxon did so good and slept the entire movie.

Honestly, mamas, don't be afraid to take your babies to the movies. As long as you have a bottle or a boob (if breastfeeding) and it is around one of their nap times, you'll be golden.

I finally took pictures of the kids together. We need to schedule a family photo shoot, to be honest. I actually wrote a blog post about life with two if you want to give it a read.

As much as I tried to keep up with blogging, it was honestly so hard because everything was in boxes and my life was chaos trying to pack with two littles to entertain.

However, we did take a break to go celebrate my sweet granny turning 81. I love that woman so much and she is walking around like she hasn't even hit the age of 50.

We picked up keys at our new apartment and moved our stuff the very next day. Thanks to my sister, we were able to unpack almost everything. Downsizing from a two-story house to a two bedroom apartment is not easy. Our living conditions are only temporary though.

All in all, we survived the month of June despite all chaos.

Love & Light,