October Newsletter

It feels so good to be back blogging. I went through a period of being M.I.A for almost 2 months and it was due to a couple of things. I was feeling really uninspired and I didn't want to put out content I wouldn't be proud of. I want to put out content that makes an impact, that is informational, that is visually pleasing, and that can be referred back to time and time again. On top of that, I broke my phone. I was phoneless for quite some time because with this new way of "buying" your phone it didn't make it easy to get a new one. I also didn't know if I wanted to make the jump to iPhone or to stay with Samsung. I stayed with Samsung. On top of all of that, I found out I was pregnant and you can read my pregnancy story here and how rocky my first trimester was here. All in all, I was going through things and being on social media was the last thing I was concerned about.


But I would have to say my monthly quote has to be: "Keep Moving Forward." And that's exactly what I made sure to do this month. I put myself in situations that required me to keep moving rather than finding reasons why I couldn't.

There's no better way to keep moving forward than to keep yourself busy and October was a busy month for us.

E V E N T S:

We went to my daughter's fall festival at her school and it was a lot of fun. There were tons of carnival-style games, food, face painting, and contests to win cakes and other prizes. It was a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.


The following week was Hilloween which is another event that the on the hill neighborhood has at Eastern Market. It's a great way for my daughter's school to fundraise and a fun way to get in some early trick or treating.


The next day we went to the Pumpkin Patch with my sister and some of her friends. I cannot remember the name of the farm but it was a fun experience. There were animals, a tractor ride, pumpkin painting, duck racing (not actual ducks), a huge corn maze and so much more. The food wasn't bad and we were able to take pictures for our pregnancy announcement and pick pumpkins for carving.

Speaking of pumpkin carving, it was rough this year. Our faces looked a hot mess but it was amusing doing it. We set them outside and by the next morning, the squirrels had already eaten their faces off. The squirrels in DC are savages!


The last event of the month was of course Halloween. It was so much fun! We went with some of Jordan's friends from school and it was so great seeing them trick or treat. They even received fortune cookies from a Chinese restaurant! I would have to say Jordan had the most unique costume. She was raggedy ann and everyone was so thrilled to see her costume. The best part is I found the costume at a thrift store and I just needed to buy the wig. The wig cost more than the costume did. Jordan received so much candy that we may have candy until Thanksgiving!

I love this time of year because it's such a fun time for families with festivals and celebrating the holidays.

The only book I am currently reading is ON BEAUTY by Zadie Smith. I picked it up from one of those free sharing libraries that are throughout the city.


Of course, I received my monthly Boxycharm and you can read it here. I also tried a new subscription box, the Sephora Play box, and you can read about it here. This is the time of year when I really start playing with makeup because I love the colors and it's not melting off of your face. My October beauty favorites are here.

And that has been our busy October!

Love & Light,