Eastern Market

One of our all time favorite activities to do as a family is to visit Eastern Market. We fell in love with the market when we originally moved here and we have consistently been going ever since. 

Eastern market is basically a strip of restaurants, coffee shops, and small businesses. And on the weekends it turns into a farmer's market and a place full of different booths for people to sell stuff. There are various types of foods, handmade wood pieces, and metal pieces, handmade clothes, vintage clothes, books, and toys. And there is lots of photography and paintings.

It's such an amazing place to buy local fruits and veggies and unique handmade items. There is such a variety of different people and it makes it feel so lively and comforting. Some people even perform live music.

We have this special farmer we go to to get our veggies for the week and they let Jordan weigh the vegetables when it's not busy. We've also been buying flowers from here recently.

You also never know who you'll run into at the market.

If you're ever in the DC area on the weekend, I recommend stopping by Eastern Market, you'll find some really amazing things.