September Newsletter

September. September. September.

This year is truly flying by! It’s actually October while I’m writing this!

September was a really busy month for us. It’s the month where we truly started to plant roots and create a home. Summer was over. Jordan was back in school. My husband was commuting regularly and I was working/being a stay at home mom. We hit the ground running, trying to find a routine that was right for us. That includes real life meal planning! We enjoy meal planning.


We kicked off the month with Jaxon’s child dedication. My husband and I were baptized two years ago at Alive Church and it was honestly the best decision we could have made. We also dedicated Jordan that day. So when we had Jaxon we knew for sure that Alive was where we wanted to dedicate him.

Jordan went back to school after Labor day and is officially a first grader! See what I mean when I say time is flying!? My annual school letter went up and you can read what I wrote to my first grader here.


We’ve been finishing unpacking and decorating our home and it’s really coming together. We have a love/hate relationship with downsizing from a house to an apartment. It has its pros and cons.

Early in the month we had a game night with my siblings and it was so nice. Now that we are all adults it can be really hard to get us all together at the same time so I made it mandatory and hopefully we can make it a monthly thing.

We kicked off life groups which is really exciting for us. We’ve never been apart of a life group, let alone, host one so we are thrilled. At first I was a little hesitant but we’re two weeks deep and it’s been wonderful.

My husband and I also celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. We’ve been together forever but have officially been married for a year and we truly have learned so much within that first year of marriage. You can read what I’ve learned here and what he’s learned here. I’ve included a picture of our wedding day down below. We originally were going to elope but it didn’t feel right without having our parents there so they were the only ones there on our big day. On our 5 year wedding anniversary we plan to have a big wedding ceremony with friends and family.

I’m slowly updating the blog guys! Tell me what you think! I removed the style section from my blog. As much as I love fashion, I don’t love sharing about it, at least not in this space. I am still sharing my beauty favorites, so you can read all about my currents here.

If you didn’t know, I am doing #blogtober! Which means I am writing a new blog post EVERY single day in the month of October. I have some great content I want to share with you guys! This challenge has also got me inspired and back into the routine of blogging!

Love & Light,