Honest Motherhood: Life With Two


They say the transition from one child to two is easy. "You've done it all before". I mean yeah I've done it all before with just one kid, and it all is familiar, but what about doing it all with two kids?

I think one of my biggest concerns is how am I going to split my time between the two? I was so used to it just being me and Jordan. Six whole years to just us, cuddling, laughing, playing, doing whatever we wanted to do together. How in the world am I going to fit another tiny human into the picture who constantly needs me, and only sleeps, poops, and eats?

Let me just tell you, the transition wasn't smooth. Jordan was so excited for Jaxon to get here, but once he was here, she was ready for him to go back. I remember us asking her to be quiet because her brother is sleeping, to which she replied: "Why do I have to be quiet? He wasn't quiet last night when I was sleeping." This is facts. We didn't know what to say to that. 

I would say for the first two to three weeks, Jordan simply ignored Jaxon. She didn't talk to him, didn't play with him, she basically didn't even acknowledge his existence. This made the transition so much harder. 

We tried to get her involved as much as possible. We made sure Jaxon was in the room during the night time routine. If I had Jaxon laying on my chest, I made sure I was sitting next to Jordan in the process. I basically was trying to show Jordan that he wasn't going anywhere and yeah things may be a little different, but Jaxon can also be apart of our routine.

Gradually, she started to warm up to Jaxon. When we came home from Jaxon's one-month appointment, he had a band-aid on his leg. Jordan noticed instantly and asked if he was okay. She then began to tell Jaxon that it was okay and about her having to get a shot too. This opened the door! She started talking to him, reading to him, and playing with his toes. She acknowledged him and wanted to include him in everything.


It melts my heart when I see Jaxon smiling at his big sister. 


Don't think everything is all rainbows and sunshine because it's not. It's hard giving her my undivided attention when she needs it most. I mean who wants to listen to a baby crying during homework time and how hard is it to play ball outside when the baby is crying because he wants to sleep or eat. 

Although it's hard, when my little girl and I do get to have those uninterrupted moments together, it kind of feels like old times when it was just me and her. 

It's so important to make sure the eldest is included when bringing home a new baby but it's so much more important to keep those one-on-one times regular and consistent. 

I can't wait (I mean I can, but can't) until they are both running after each other. Play fighting, reading, sleeping in each other's beds, playing hide and seek, and even arguing with each other.

I've noticed that even though in the beginning it may be difficult walking in foreign territory, it gets easier. 

Love & Light,