December Newsletter

The last month of the year! And boy has it been a year. You can read more about my year here. But let's talk about what's been going on this month. 


I would say despite this month being known to be chaotic, it's been very chill for us. We took many trips to Eastern Market this month because it was such a magical atmosphere with all of the holiday decorations and Christmas trees.




We hosted our annual Gingerbread House Party fundraiser for my daughter's school which was a lot of fun as usual. My husband and I have never built so many gingerbread houses before and we had tons of graham cracker pieces left over in the end. I never want to eat a graham cracker again. haha! What made the event even more magical, was that the first snowfall happened that very same day.

We watched tons of holiday movies and enjoyed the decorations and lights.

Unfortunately, I got the flu and was down for a week. I was basically quarantined away from my family and had to go to the hospital because of a lingering fever. Baby and I are okay and in much better health. We're actually ending the month at 22 weeks and 3 days with baby being the size of an ear of corn. Gender reveal is coming soon!

Right before I got the flu, we attended my husband's holiday party which was a lot of fun to get all dressed up and get out of the house. 

Christmas was nice and quiet, besides all the laughter and screaming over presents and toys. We stayed home because I was still getting over the lingering cold symptoms and we enjoyed our time together and had a nice Christmas dinner.


Our Christmas decorations are still up and probably will remain up until mid-January.

We're ending the year with church and a get together with family at my mom's house.

It's honestly been so cold outside that we've stayed indoors this month. I hope everyone had an amazing month and enjoyed the holiday season.

Love & Light,