May Newsletter

"Everything has changed but I am more me than I've ever been."

-Iain Thomas


Man, was May a big month for our family! I would say this month was all about recovery and figuring out our family all over again with the newest addition. Looking back it's hard to imagine life without Jaxon.

We started the month off with Jaxon's first doctor's appointment. He was so tiny compared to now and breastfeeding was going well because he was already back up to his birth weight of 8lbs and 6oz.

The first week was a little rough with Jordan adjusting to her little brother which is completely understandable. We had a lot of explaining to do and a lot of attitude in the process but all is well (for the most part).

While I was recovering, my husband really stepped up with daddy-daughter dates, cooking, cleaning, and basically keeping the house from burning down. We were very blessed to have my mom staying with us to help cook and do laundry. We also had a few friends and neighbors cook for us which honestly is the best gift you can give someone during postpartum.


We kept visitors at bay until towards the end of the month which is honestly the best decision but I started to get sick of the house and really wanted to venture out the house. We didn't go far and sometimes we would leave, I'd end up in tears, and we'd have to go back home.

One of the biggest things I've learned during this month and postpartum is to really, truly let your body rest and recover. Even if you are feeling fine, your body is still trying to put itself back together and being too active too soon can really take a toll on your body later on in life. Honestly, I should have rested more.

The transition was hard because my husband didn't get paternity leave, so trying to adjust and get Jordan to school and my husband to work on time was a bit stressful, but we made it work. 

Mother's day was one of those days I ended up in tears. I am so grateful for my husband truly making it special and at the same time, I was sad I couldn't travel and see my mom and grandmother. It's hard being so used to doing something year after year, and then not being able to do it for one reason or another. 




The month was spent with small trips to parks and to Target and eventually, for Memorial Day weekend we were able to visit friends and family which is honestly what our souls needed.

Jaxon weighed 11lbs 11oz at his one-month checkup, so baby boy is eating good!

Jordan is finishing out the last few weeks of school. Check out this really cool park we'll be visiting a lot this summer.

And the Dodsons are getting ready for another huge change in our lives, which is a bit bittersweet (more on that next month).


Love & Light,