First Day of Preschool

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions! Jordan started preschool today. I was so full of excitement and sadness as my alarm went off this morning. My little human is becoming a bigger human. 

She is so independent and so full of confidence and life. She wears her head held high ready to take on the world and that makes me so proud. 

She didn't cry, she didn't linger around me. She walked into the classroom, sat at the table and started to play with legos and told me "okay mommy" like she was ready for me to leave.

It saddens me because my little munchkin feels as if she doesn't need me anymore. She looks at me like "mommy, I got this." And I know she does and she shows me that she does. She did kiss me goodbye and she did wave as a reminder that she didn't forget about me and that she'll see me later. 

Things that helped me get through her first day:

disclaimer: keep in mind I'm a first time mom and this is a very new experience for me. She's my only little person.

1. I wasn't alone. It takes a village to raise a child. My parents came to see their grandchild off on her first day which was comforting. They've been through this many times before. My sister walked with me to take Jordan to school. Johnathan helped the night before and the morning of although he had to go to work and miss the drop off experience.

2. Her teachers answered any questions I had. It was like I was the one starting preschool, not Jordan. 

3. I didn't linger. I said my goodbyes and left. She showed confidence that she was fine and I didn't want her to believe that she wasn't because I stuck around longer than I should.

4. I had people to talk to who were going through the same exact thing as me. 

5. I realized I could now tackle that long list of to dos now that she was in school. haha! I've been keeping busy and enjoying some quiet time and Netflix.

I Can't wait to see the excitement of her first day! I can't wait to hear of all the things she learned and the friends she made.

This is an exciting new stage in our lives and I'm excited for what it will bring.