Parenting Jitters: Preschool

Oh-eM-Gee! Life just got a little more real. I knew I was raising a preschooler, she's 4 and freaking adorable and she's constantly growing and learning every single day. That's great! She's been 4 for about four months now. I got that down, kinda.

Well now she's starting preschool!

I knew it was coming, but it's really coming. My phone dinged with an email from her school. There are uniforms to be bought, lunches made, PTA meetings, back to school night, fundraisers, and possibly even homework and projects! I am freaking out from being nervous and being excited all at the same time.

Parenting is a trial and error type of thing. One thing might work for one parent, or one child, that might not work for another. I have no idea how this school thing works. Yeah, I've gone to school, I've been there, but now my baby girl is going to school.

Jordan literally asks me every day "when am I going to school mommy?"

"I'm going to make new friends."|| "I'm going to ride the school bus."|| "can I go to school?"

It's freaking adorable in her cute little 4 year old voice. and no she is not riding the school bus. Mommy is walking her to school, or we're driving.

I may be nervous because bullying is a real thing, kids can be cruel. She may learn things that I wasn't ready to teach her or pick up slang that is inappropriate for her age.

But I'm excited to see her excel. For her speech to improve, her vocabulary expand, her creativity expressed, and for her to make cute little friends.

It's just so surreal sometimes that I'm responsible for a little human and all I can hope is that I raise her the best way I know how.